jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011

Ombre Hair Obssesion

I'm absolutely ombre hair obssesed and I'm going to go for it! I never thought I'd want to dye my hair but this look is really growing on me and I've made up my mind! ok, ok so it's not as extreme as it sounds, I want to do it but I'll go for subtle first, wouldn't want to enter a shock mode, but wait for it cause you'll see change (maybe not BIG change but a small start is always something) this are my hair inspirations, which one is your favorite? what trends or colors are you into when it comes to

Estoy completamente obsesionada con ombre hair y lo voy a hacer! nunca pensé que alguna vez iba a querer pintarme el pelo pero este estilo me ha convencido y me decidi!, bueno no es tan extremo como suena, la verdad voy a comenzar por algo sutil primero, no quisiera entrar en shock, pero esperenlo porque si verán cambio (tal vez no un GRAN cambio pero por algo se comienza) esta es mi inspiración, cual es su favorito? que otros estilos o colores les gustan cuando se trata de cabello?

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Marissa D dijo...

i love this trend so much <3

The Followers of Fashion dijo...

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