miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011


This is an old look, it's been hard to take pictures these days but thankfull I have some looks to show until I find someone to take my picture, this is something I wore some months ago, I've been thinking that this is my life-changing-moments skirt, I wouldn't really say that it is a lucky skirt, but out of three times I've wore it, two of them things that change my life have happened, so what do you think coincidence or my Zara leopard skirt has mystical powers? well it sounds slightly silly when I say it like that.

Este es un look viejo, estos dias ha sido dificil tomarme fotos, afortunadamente aun tengo algunos look que les puedo mostrar mientras consigo quien me tome las fotos. He comenzado a pensar que esta es mi falda de cosas que pasan, no la llamaría mi falda de la suerte, pero de tres veces que la he usado, dos veces me han pasado cosas que han cambiado mi vida, que piensan, solo coincidencia o mi falda de leopardo de Zara tiene poderes misticos? bueno cuando lo digo asi suena un poquito bobo.

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